The Miracle Inch

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3 Layers of Revolutionary Protection

  1. The pre-filter (Permafilter) traps larger particles such as dirt, lint & hair.
  2. 15 lbs. of carbon & zeolite mix absorbs odors & gases - with a 'Miracle Inch' of complete protection.
  3. True medical HEPA filter paper removes harmful airborne particles.

Our HEALTHMATE filter removes over 3000 odors and gasses along with 99.97% of all airborne particulate matter measuring 0.3 microns or larger.

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Our filters are what makes Austin Air cleaners the best in the world.

The "Miracle Inch" of Protection...

Some other air cleaners employ granulated carbon to absorb noxious odors and chemicals. But only Austin Air's HealthMate and HealthMate offer the Miracle Inch of protection. This inch-thick barrier of carbon & zeolite mix acts like a sponge, scrubbing these hazardous gases from the air, before they reach the HEPA paper. No other air cleaner has it; nothing less will do when it comes to your health.

...Plus True Medical HEPA Filter Technology

Medical HEPA filter paper. Some air cleaners have it, some don't but none have nearly as much of it as an Austin Air cleaner. That means more cleaning power against airborne particles and healthier air for you.

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