UVC Irradiation of Water in the Food and Dairy Industries

Aquionics UVC Irridation System C-Band Ultra-Violet Light, or UVC, is playing an ever larger role in the food and dairy industries as concerns about germicidal contamination and the safety of our food supply increase. In use for over 80 years, UVC is a well documented and implemented technology being applied to both "clean" and "dirty" water applications throughout the food and dairy industries. UVC irradiation offers tremendous benefits over chemical solutions for microbial contamination. Properly applied, it will improve QA/QC, reduce waste and add shelf life to products, while not altering the taste, color, or odor morphologies of the final product. UVC is the new method of choice for sterilization and disinfection of water systems, air systems and equipment surfaces. Additionally, the owner-operator is unburdened by regulatory restrictions, environmental concerns and high operation costs typical with chemical water treatment systems.

"Clean Water" applications include the treatment of incoming plant water, container rinse water, make-up water, final rinse water, cooling and heating, and tanker and storage rinse water. "Dirty Water' applications include product and vegetable transport water systems, cow water reclaim, hydro cooler water, reclaimed rinse water, recirculating brines, brine injection solutions in meat packing, and reclaimed rinse water. In both "Clean Water" and "Dirty Water" applications, UVC irradiation significantly reduces pathogens and microbial contamination in process water systems leading to reduced product contamination, increased quality, and less waste water. Additionally, natural UVC energy is far more environmentally friendly than chlorines/chemicals and does not contribute to corrosion in piping and capital equipment.

The real key to the effectiveness of any UVC irradiation system is the ability to deliver a specified dose. It is an engineering function to calculate the precise energy dose required to kill the target organisms given the project parameters. The equation UVC Dose = Intensity X Time or mJ/cm2 = mW/cm2 X Time(sec) provides a preliminary benchmark from which a more elaborate and accurate determination of project parameters such as CFM, GPM, and target organism(s) can be made. Please Contact Us for a determination of your needs.

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