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Air & Water Technology, Inc., a 3-year-old air and water quality company from Middleton, WI, today announced the availability of a new, low cost, air disinfection system for residential forced-air heating/cooling systems. The Steril-Aire UVC Emitter™ is a non-chemical air purifying light fixture that generates the germicidal power of the sun, UV-C (ultra-violet energy in the C-band), in home air conditioning systems. Steril-Aire's UV-C Emitters™ are designed to install into any residential furnace/air conditioning system and to continuously disinfect the cooling coil and the air. Because UV-C is a close relative of UV-A & B, it destroys organic molds, bacteria and viruses by vaporizing these bio-contaminants that are responsible for infectious diseases, allergic reactions, sick buildings and reduced operating efficiency of air conditioning systems. This space age air purifier is designed for the cold, fast-moving airstreams of modern HVAC systems. UV-C Emitters™ are easily installed in the air plenum above the cooling coil and use about the same energy as a 75-watt light bulb. However, the continuous bombardment of ultra-violet photons of energy keeps the cooling coil clean of slime and mold, and reduces the molds, odors, bacteria, viruses, etc that may be circulating in the air system. The UV-C Emitters™ make the air smell clean and fresh. You will notice the difference.

The overwhelming positive experiences of homeowners and commercial/industrial users alike prove this patented product's benefits for home and business use. The ability to effectively freshen and clean indoor air is a healthy alternative not previously available for home and business owners. The Steril-Aire UV-C Emitters™ are available from Air & Water Technology, Inc. and progressive mechanical contractors throughout the state of Wisconsin, USA, and the world. Air & Water Technology invites inquiries and questions to air or water contaminant issues.

Please contact us for more information.

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