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Cerritos, Calif., July 2004

Expanded "Uvc" Product Line Offers Enhanced Food Safety Through Mold, Bacteria And Virus Control

Steril-Aire, Inc. has introduced an expanded line of "UVC Emitters" designed to provide enhanced food safety through airborne and surface control of mold, bacteria and viruses. The expanded line includes double- and single-ended UVC light fixtures and special shatter-resistant plastic tubes in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit virtually any application - including conveying lines, packaging containers, filling stations, cooling and drying areas, HVAC and refrigeration systems and storage rooms. Customized tumbling machines equipped with UVC lights are also available for surface decontamination of raw, cooked or frozen food products.

Steril-Aire's multi-patented UVC technology has gained wide popularity for food and beverage processing applications because it provides continuous, non-chemical decontamination of food surfaces and the surrounding environment. The UVC energy emitted by the high-output tubes delivers 99.9+ percent surface "kill" rates on pathogens such as E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria, without producing ozone or any secondary emissions. The devices reduce or eliminate mold and fungal amplification that occurs in HVAC and refrigeration systems and circulates through production areas, a common and troublesome source of contamination in processing plants. They may also be used to control phage cross-contamination in dairy facilities. UVC is approved by the USDA and the FDA for surface decontamination.

Users of the UVC Emitters report that the devices save money through improved yield, longer product shelf life and reduced energy operating costs. In fact, the devices often pay for themselves in a short time through the savings achieved in these areas. In addition, they deliver continuous protection with no "per pound" processing charges.

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