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Cerritos, Calif., May 2004

Steril-Aire To Receive 11th Patent, Updated Ul Listing For Uvc Devices

Steril-Aire, Inc. has announced that the company is about to receive its eleventh patent from the U.S. Patent Office, as well as an updated listing from Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The company's latest patent covers the application of UVC light to break down airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and common organic odors. Using the patented methodology, Steril-Aire's germicidal UVC devices can reduce VOC and odor concentrations. As a result, the air in a mechanically ventilated space can smell cleaner because it is cleaner.

"Steril-Aire already has a formidable portfolio of patents covering the irradiation of cooling coils, NEMA 4x enclosures, and many other aspects of the design and application of UVC light. However, this marks the first time UVC will be patented for its ability to reduce contamination from VOCs and odors," states Robert Scheir, Ph.D., president of Steril-Aire, Inc. "This added dimension of performance applies not only to new devices manufactured by our company, but also to thousands of our existing UVC installations."

As another part of its ongoing technological improvement program, the company has also begun receiving its new listings under UL 1995. The first listing applies to "X-Mount" (Model SE) and "X-Mount Plus" (Model SEN) UVC Emitters, which are externally mounted, single-end-tube style commercial UVC devices.

Steril-Aire has become a leader in UVC technology because its multi-patented devices offer greatly increased output in cold and/or moving air environments, providing superior germicidal performance and longer life in HVAC and food processing applications.

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