Steril-Aire Model DE Series
UVC Emitters™

Double-Ended, Very High Output Germicidal Light Source for HVAC Systems

Double-Ended, Very High Output Germicidal Light Source for HVAC Systems Steril-Aire's patented tube construction, power supply and application methodology combine to provide the highest UVC output in HVAC applications. They return system capacity to save energy, eliminate coil and drain pan maintenance and odors. They effectively and efficiently kill surface and airborne microbes that grow, disburse and/or circulate in A/C systems - major causes of poor IAQ, allergies and airborne-transmitted disease.

UVC has been used as a biocidal device for more than 65 years. But until Steril-Aire developed the UVC Emitter™, UVC use in air handling systems has not been practical. Cold and moving air decreases the output and stability of conventional UVC products. The Steril-Aire design operates efficiently at HVAC conditions of from 35 to 170° F, at 100% RH and at any velocity. (Buy DE Series Emitter online)

The patented deployment degrades the organic material that impedes heat transfer, cleaning coils to “as new” for significant energy savings. Surface microbes are continuously eliminated thus coil and drain pan cleanings are no longer required, and drain pans drain without chemicals. Also, the A/C unit no longer seeds the rest of the system or space with aeroallergens of mold, bacteria or their products leaving them clean and odorless.


DE fixtures join end to end to form primarily horizontal strings of any length. Located at the coil, they prevent microbial activity on the coil, surrounding plenum, drain pan and in the air. They degrade organic build - up on the coil to save significant energy and maintenance. They can also be installed in return and supply ducts, mixed air plenums and exhaust systems. Plug and go wiring speeds installations. Five lengths (18", 24", 30", 36", & 42") and two voltage options to choose from provide fit - up to most any large installation.


  • Continuously cleans coils, drain pans and surrounding components keeping them “as new” for the life of the system.
  • Lowers coil pressure drop and returns heat exchange efficiency, especially latent heat capacity - saving significant energy.
  • Destroys the microbes associated with poor IAQ, including mold, bacteria, their spores and products; i.e. infectious disease microbes including colds, flu, measles and other viruses; Legionella, TB, whooping cough and other bacteria and mold.
  • No ozone, gases or fumes, no secondary contamination - will not harm building occupants, equipment or furnishings.
  • Patented state-of-the-art “smart” solid state electronic power supply provides higher output, reliability and performance.
  • Up to 7 times the output of conventional UVC products in cold or moving air for fewer fixtures and higher output possibilities.
  • Excellent plasma stability and broader UVC band also provides higher kill ratios on a larger range of microorganisms.
  • One year tube life expectancy and lowest life - cycle cost of any UVC product or other system maintenance item.

UVC Emitters vs. Conventional UVC

Output Graph

Above: in independent testing, the Steril-Aire product produced 2.5 to 7 times the output of conventional units. The increase, stability and band width were greatest at HVAC and refrigeration system temperatures providing the highest kill ratios over the widest range of microbes


UVC Emitter and fixture are factory assembled and tested. They consist of a housing, power source, reflector, Emitter sockets and Emitter and are constructed to withstand HVAC environments. They are UL and CSA listed for damp locations.

Housing is constructed of hospital grade stainless steel and equipped with ½" conduit openings on each end to facilitate conduit nipple coupling fixture to fixture and wiring to power. It incorporates all components into one integral assembly that maximizes serviceability. It is designed to be mounted inside the airstream and downstream or upstream of the cooling coil.

Power source is a Class P2, rapid start type with a power factor of 0.99 and an efficiency of not less than 89%. It's available in 115 and 208/230Vac and designed to maximize photon production, radiance and reliability in cold or moving air - streams of 35-170° F, 100% RD and at any velocity. It includes RF and EMI suppression and Smart System - "End of Lamp Life" protection.

Reflector is constructed of heavy gauge, specular finished aluminum alloy with a minimum 86% reflectance at 254 nm.

Sockets are medium bi-pin, double click safety, twist lock type. They are constructed of a UVC resistant polycarbonate.

Emitter tube is a very high output, hot cathode, T5 diameter, medium bi-pin type that produces broadband UVC of 250-260nm. Each tube produces the specified output at any airflow velocity and air temperature of 35-170° F. It produces no ozone or other secondary contamination.

Independent testing: When tested in accordance with the general provisions of IES Lighting Handbook, 1981 Applications Volume, output per 1" arc length is not less than 10µW/cm² at 1 meter in a 400 fpm airstream of 45° F.

Ordering Information

Model No. Description Length (A) Electrical Lbs. Part #
DE 181 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 18" 115Vac, 50-60Hz, 65-85 watts 2.0 Lbs. 10000100
DE 241 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 24" 2.4 Lbs 10000200
DE 301 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 30" 3.1 Lbs 10000300
DE 361 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 36" 3.8 Lbs 10001100
DE 421 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 42" 4.5 Lbs 10001300
DE 181 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 18" 208/230Vac, 50-60Hz, 65-85 watts 2.0 Lbs. 10000500
DE 241 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 24" 2.4 Lbs 10000600
DE 301 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 30" 3.1 Lbs 10000400
DE 361 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 36" 3.8 Lbs 10001200
DE 421 VO Double Ended UVC Fixture 42" 4.5 Lbs 10001400
GTD 16 VO New or Replacement Emitter for DE 181 VO 16" - 0.5 Lbs. 20000100
GTD 22 VO New or Replacement Emitter for DE 241 VO 22" - 0.6 Lbs. 20000200
GTD 28 VO New or Replacement Emitter for DE 301 VO 28" - 0.7 Lbs. 20000300
GTD 34 VO New or Replacement Emitter for DE 361 VO 34" - 0.8 Lbs. 20000400
GTD 40 VO New or Replacement Emitter for DE 421 VO 40" - 0.9 Lbs. 20000500

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