Model SA UVSR Stationary Radiometer

For Monitoring Relative Output of UV Light Sources


The Model SA UVSR Radiometer is ideally suited to HVAC applications. This multifunctional device provides visual and analog outputs to monitor a UVC Emitter system, and a NO/NC relay to actuate an alarm or provide system shutdown.

Both the analog output and relay have adjustable minimum or actuating set-points. It's easy to install, costs a fraction as much as similar units and can pay for itself by eliminating premature lamp changeout.


Radiometer Line Drawing

Radiometer shall be factory assembled and tested. It shall consist of a housing, LCD readout, steady-state electronic module, terminal block, sensor and sensor cable. Housing shall be constructed of high impact polystyrene and shall totally enclose the electronic module. It shall accommodate the sensor plug, terminal block, adjusting taps and LCD readout. It shall be capable of operating in temperatures of 0-45� C (32-113� F). LCD Readout shall be capable of displaying 3.5 digits (0-199.9) of no less than 1�2" H x 1�4" W for readability. The display accuracy shall be no less than +/-4% as compared to full scale. Electronic Module shall be 24Vac*, 60 Hz, 0.2 amps and capable of producing an analog output of 0-10V into a 5K ohm load with 5V equaling 100% and proportional to sensor input intensity. It shall be equipped with a scale pot with sufficient gain adjustment to compensate for cable runs of up to 100 ft. It shall also be equipped with set and set mode pots to provide minimum user set-points of input intensity for controlling analog output and relay contacts. Internal relay shall be of the form "C" type, rated at 1 amp, 125Vac/30Vdc with adjustable trip points from 0 to 199.9%. Terminal Block shall be of the cage clamp type capable of accommodating both solid and stranded wire. It shall provide for a minimum number of receptors for GROUND and ANALOG - NC, NO and COMMON for the relay, and A/C IN for power.

Sensor shall be of the duct mounted, optical/electrical type with a minimum 1�4" optics and capable of operating at 0-45� C (32-113�F). It shall have a minimum wave length sensitivity of 240-400 nm (2400-4000 angstroms). It shall have a minimum .65 steradian (45� solid angle) and be equipped with a minimum 6-ft. cable. Dimensions: 6.59" L x 4.35" W x 1.87" D (display module) Weight: 12 oz. Warranty: SA UVSR Stationary Radiometers are warranted for one year from date of installation or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever occurs first. Abuse and neglect excepted. * Voltages greater than 28Vac will damage unit and void warranty.

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