Steril-Aire Accessories


Cleaning Kit

As with any ultra-pure quartz, UVC Emitters should remain clean of fingerprints and other contaminants that may degrade the glass, thereby reducing effective output and life.

Steril-Aire Cleaning Kits include disposable gloves and clean-wipes containing only the purest form (99%) isopropyl alcohol to leave no objectionable residue. Emitter tubes should be cleaned after initial installation, after changeout or any time they are touched.

Step-Down Transformer

This 480-230Vac step-down transformer allows for the installation of 208/230Vac type X-Mount Plus, NEMA 4x, UVC Emitters� and fixtures in 480Vac equipped rooftop units. The transformer fits readily into a rooftop unit's electrical cabinet, and its �" spade and fast-on plugs provide for a simple, factory style, plug-and-go installation.

UVC Emitter Replacement Tubes

Only Steril-Aire tubes are capable of producing specified output in air of 32-170� F and velocities up to 1000 fpm. Tubes and power supplies are matched, so use only genuine Steril-Aire replacement tubes to eliminate potential failure.

DE Series Wiring Kit

This kit facilitates the wiring of Steril-Aire DE Series products in the preferred end-to-end configurations. It includes the proper gauge, quantity and lengths of wire and all other components needed to install a row of DE fixtures in medium to large A/C unit installations.

6-ft Corded Soft-Wiring Kit

This kit is ideal for applications where hard wiring isn't acceptable or necessary. Designed for use with the SteriLight Series and other Steril-Aire 115Vac products, it includes a 600-volt, UL listed 3-wire cord with a "U" ground plug at one end and pre-stripped tinned wires at the other. Ground wire nut and cord restraints are also provided.

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