Fan Coil UVC Kit� For Fan Coils and other Room Units
Fan Coil Kit

The Fan Coil UVC Kit packages Steril-Aire's proven technology into a convenient kit designed specially for fan coils, packaged split systems, and similar room unit systems. Using Steril-Aire's multi-patented UVC Emitter�, it delivers the best and longest-lasting UVC performance available.

Each Fan Coil UVC Kit contains one UVC Emitter and one power supply plus all necessary hardware components to retrofit the unit with UVC - including wire, holding clips, mounting screws, and wire ties. Emitter tubes come in six lengths from 16" to 42" to meet different size requirements. The correct quantity of kits and/or Emitter lengths must be selected to irradiate the entire coil. The space-saving, snap-in design fits all major brands.

Fan Coil UVC Kit Specifications

The UVC Emitter and power supply shall be factory assembled and tested. They shall consist of a power supply, Emitter socket and Emitter.

The power supply shall be a Class P, electronic rapid start type with a power factor of >0.95 and a power conversion of >75%. It shall be available in 115-208/230 or 277 Vac, 50/60 Hertz, and single phase. It shall be designed to maximize photon production, irradiance and reliability in cold or moving airstreams of 35-170� F, 100% RH and up to 2000 fpm. The design shall include RF and EMI suppression.

The socket shall be a Circline� 4 pin type with 3 feet of wire length to facilitate installation and service.

The Emitter shall be a very high output, hot cathode, T5 diameter, Circline� cell-base type that produces a UVC band of 250-260 nm. Each tube shall be capable of producing the specified output at up to 2000 fpm velocity and temperatures of 35-170� F. It shall produce no ozone or other secondary contaminants.

Kit Components: The wire shall be UV-resistant and rated for installation in an HVAC system. The spring mounting clips shall be provided with mounting screws and custom designed to hold the UVC Emitter ceramic end without damaging the tube during installation or replacement.

Independent testing: The unit shall be tested by an independent test laboratory in accordance with the general provisions of IES Lighting Handbook, 1981 Applications Volume, and shall be verified through independent testing to provide output per inch of glass of not less than 10 W/cm2 at 1 meter in a 400 fpm airstream of 45� F.

Unit shall complly with UL Standard 1995 for use in HVAC equipment and shall carry the "UL" and "ULC" labels.

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