Steril-Aire Germicidal UVC Air Sterilization Systems

Steril-Aire, Inc. is the leader in “C” band ultra-violet (UVC) air disinfection systems technology. Ultra-violet light is Nature's process to clean the outdoor air of biological material. UVC has been clinically proven for over 70 years to kill all forms of micro-biological organisms. Steril-Aire's unique UVC Emitter™ represents a quantum leap forward in the technology required to produce “very high output” UVC. In fact, the Steril-Aire UVC Emitter™ generates up to seven times the UVC output in HVAC conditions compared to competitive products; no other UVC bulb can approach the killing power of Steril-Aire on micro-biological pathogens, allergens, and toxins. UVC air sterilization systems are a new tool available to the residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC and air cleaning markets. Our computerized selection program makes the sizing of this equipment fast and efficient. Installation is quick and easy. Electrical requirements are low; 115/1/60 - 80 watts. The results are amazing. So if you need to control Lysteria, Phages, Aspergillis, Tuberculosis, Legionella or any other micro-biological organism in the air, just call Air & Water Tecnology for quick, efficient application assistance. Air & Water Technology, Inc. is proud to feature Steril-Aire's line of microbial control air purification systems.

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