Ultra-Fine Water Filtration System


The Vortisand® filters have proven themselves for more than 25 years and are the result of many years of research and development which today provides filtration 10 to 20 times finer than that of sand filters now available on the market. Designed for 0.45, 2 and 5-micron filtration, their high performance is due to a unique concept which ingeniously combines centrifugal separation and sand filtration.

Using centrifugal force (a vortex effect) to whirl the untreated water above the filter media (sand) helps to remove suspended solids and significantly increases the effective filter surface within the tank.

This turbulence produces a sustained cleaning action that forces the suspended solids to accumulate on the inside walls of the tank. As a result, much finer sand can be used without clogging problems. The water, now largely free of impurities, is filtered through the media and subsequently collected and used for a variety of purposes. Contaminants trapped above the sand are removed using an automatic backwash cycle, which requires less water and shorter operating time than conventional sand filter systems. This process contributes to longer cycles and much finer filtration levels (2-micron as compared to 10-micron or more).

The Vortisand® filter gives you clear advantages for your different applications, by:

  • improving chemical treatments and reducing total amount of chemicals used
  • extending tube life by removing corrosive depots
  • eliminating downtimes and mechanical or chemical cleaning of tubes
  • saving energy with cleaner equipment
  • minimizing micro-organisms growth
  • reducing scale build-up and algae contamination
  • minimizing corrosion of metal surfaces

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